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Wild Caught Gravid Resources

It's often in this hobby that beginners get sold a gravid (pregnant) wild caught spider. Leaving a newbie to tend to hundreds of slings. This is super time consuming and very hard work. We understand that not everyone can take that on.

So as a resource we would like to extend some help.

We offer three options to those who want help in this matter.

  • We offer a swap; Send us your gravid wild caught spider and we will send you a captive bred sling or subadult that is not fertile and never been paired. 

Jump to Swap Policy

  • We offer to take the egg sac and foster the babies till they are big enough to be adopted out. (you get free slings from the sac sent to you when they are old enough to be shipped)

  • We offer help with any questions you may have on how to tend to the slings till they are old enough to find new homes. 


Swap Policy

How does the swap work?

When shipping is safe, you can purchase a live animal insulated shipping  box from us with all the items you will need to safely ship your spood to us. If you want to use your own box please use a 7x7x7 box that is labeled with live animal on the outside in multiple places. You can use sites like to get discounted Fedex rates. Fedex is the only legal way of shipping jumping spiders. You are responsible for the cost of shipping your spider to us. Once we receive tracking information we will be shipping a captive bred sling or subadult to you at our cost. Feel free to use the chat feature to ask any questions you may have. 

This option is also extended to our Locals in Utah. 


Foster Policy

We understand that falling in love with you spider has probably happened already. Let's be honest it was that little head tilt. This makes it hard to let go of your little love that is a baby making machine now. So we are wiling to take on egg sacs. Now please understand that jumping spiders only need to pair one time with a male to lay several egg sacs. This means she will likely be laying egg sacs every 4-8 weeks for the rest of her life. Most healthy females will lay 4-6 egg sacs with hundreds of babies in each. When you send us an egg sac we will raise those babies up and find them homes. As compensation for sending us the egg sac you can have 1-3 free slings from the egg sac when they are ready for adoption (usually instar6) We ship the slings to you at our cost. We can help you figure out if the egg sac is fertile or not. Chances are it is if you spood is indeed wild caught. 


We are always available to help answer any questions on how to keep these little babies alive. It's hard but rewarding work. Seeing slings grow and thrive is what keeps us going in this hobby. These little loves have alot to teach us if we just sit and watch. 


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