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Shipping Policy

Shipping Jumping Spiders (Not enclosures)

Terra n Fern will be through Ship Your Reptiles (FedEx) Overnight and Two Day Shipping ONLY

Please use the chat feature to contact us before you purchase your jumping spider, those who fail to do this your order will be canceled.

All spiders will be shipped out Tuesdays for overnight or two day delivery. 

We highly recommend someone is there to receive the spiders. The sooner the spider can get out of the box the better. We advise spiders to be shipped overnight to get to you in the A.M. We understand that shipping can be expensive but we only ship jumping spiders with the best methods for their survival. 

Shipping Temperature must also be above 60 and lower than 90 degrees  All spiders shipped out will be healthy and chosen for shipping. We make sure to ship spiders in between molts, as it can be very stressful to them. Understand that molting can still occur while shipping.

Please water and feed your spider soon after taking them out of their package. We love updates so please feel free to contact us or tag us on Instagram. 

If by any chance your spider comes in DOA. We ask that you contact us within 2 hours of delivery. We would ship out another spider as soon as we can. LIVE ANIMAL Guarantee only for OVERNIGHT shipping. 

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